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9th Jan 2012, 5:16 PM

Nicholas Ivan Ladendorf

Art Challenge 2&3

Challenge 2: Turn Character into a robot
I already put one character from Crawlers in a Mecha. So without over thinking it I made the faerie into a robot.

Challenge 3: Explorer
Starting with the idea of a space shuttle Explorer I decided to create a ship instead of a person. It looked very different than anything else I've seen until I inked it and the marker bled now it looks kind of like the Jim Lee era Blackbird which is funny since I named the ship the Centennial Rook.

31st Dec 2011, 10:12 PM

Nicholas Ivan Ladendorf

Art Challenge 1

On the comic fury boards there is an art challenge thread that I've decided to participate in. I'm a little behind so I'll post twice a week until caught up

Challenge One: The Masquerade Ball
- Draw your characters in formal attire fit for their world. Masks optional.

This is Flynn from Crawlers. Wearing the same kind of flowy garment the living king wears. It wasn't a huge stretch for design but I did stretch myself by painting it in Art Weaver instead of Gimp.